The business of business

Your business delivers a wider impact than your immediate product or service.

This impact can be positive, negative or neutral. You’ll only find this out when you measure it.

The right framework will enable you to measure your social, economic and environmental value at a project or an organisational level.

The right framework needs to take into account factors including stakeholders, outcomes and your resources.

The best framework for you will let you tell your story to more people with more confidence. As a member of Social Value UK, we help clients measure, maximise and communicate their social value.

Immersive technology

The right media to use is the one that does the job the best. It’s not necessarily the newest, the most high-tech.

But sometimes it is.

We are delighted to be working with Trafford Council this year on an immersive experience which enabled hundreds of people to time travel and experience journeys as pedestrians and cyclists – with and without safety interventions such as bike lanes, wide pavements and Dutch bus stops.

We are collaborating with Digital Urban to create the two journeys to engage participants of all ages. This is part of the launch of Trafford Council’s active travel engagement. If you live in Trafford and would like to take part in the consultation, you can!

And if you would like to speak to These Four Words about creating an immersive experience to promote changes in your community, or with your new development, you can!

Give us a call, a Tweet, an email or come to Beehive Lofts and have a coffee!