Breaking the internet

These Four Words’ founder Sarah Galligan kind of ‘broke’ Twitter last week – like a Kardashian.

It was a plug for a fruit and veg shop based in Manchester’s Northern Quarter: McCalls Exotics. One close to Sarah’s heart. She’s a passionate foodie and even presented them with a selection box of home-made chutneys two Christmases ago – all made with their produce.

As great as the Twitter post was with all the right elements – a photo, clever tags, a hashtag, a call to action, a kick-ass story – what was key was the reputation McCalls has built up in the 100 years of their being around.

They have a good story. They are lovely people. It’s not just Sarah who likes them. We’ll be helping McCalls to spread their message as they adapt their business to stay afloat and thrive in a different way.

To be truly effective, social media needs to lead to real engagement, not just a like. For McCalls, they need people to purchase £25 veg boxes. So if you’re in Manchester, in a 7-mile radius of the NQ, you should get involved – call Mark, Tony and Lisa on 0161 832 2132.

And if you want to talk about your own messaging, give us a call!

Author: Sarah E Galligan

Corporate social responsibility and communications professional working with great companies for great causes.

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